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This analyst for a global finance company has been shooting pool since she was 16 years old. She also plays tennis and badminton and loved to swim as a child. Her home town, New York City, is her favorite place on earth, and she says Central Park and FAO Schwartz were her stomping grounds growing up.

At first Michele may seem shy and quiet, but don't be fooled. Michele is a former street car racer with the need for speed and thrills! Racing against the guys, Michele was obsessed with 'suped up' cars, stick shifts and high speed racing - until billiards filled her passion for competition. When she is not competing, Michele enjoys frequenting coffeehouses with "good Java," bowling, belly dancing and therapeutic baking and cooking.

Her pet peeve about the billiards world is the lack of standardization of rules and people who don't respect the equipment in the pool rooms, and she hopes Rack Starz will bring more attention to the game and increase the level of professionalism involved.


  • 2011 BCAPL Women's Open 9-ball Runner Up
  • Amsterdam Billiards Team Champion
  • BCAPL National Women's Open Team 8-ball Champion: Kiss of Death

Nickname: "Shelly"

Pool heroes: : Willie Mosconi and Paul Gerni