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Olga grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, where she was taught to play pool by her father at age six. A competitive gymnast throughout her youth, Olga honed her pool skills playing at a local bar. The owner took away the pool cues to discourage the girls from playing, but that didn't stop them. As Olga explains, "We used old broom handles instead, so that is where I developed my technique!"

Aside from pool, Olga is passionate about animal rights and has worked as an actress, model, cosmetologist and masseuse. She is a graduate of the New York Film Academy and is fluent in Russian, English and Ukrainian, making her a fitting international ambassador for the game.


  • 2010 World Leisure Cup Trick Shot Champion , Chun Cheon Korea
  • 2010 Ukrainian 10-ball Championship, Kiev, Ukraine
  • BCAPL National 8 ball Team Championship: Kiss of Death
  • APA 8 Ball National Team Champion
  • APA 8 Ball Classic Singles Champion

Nickname: "OG"

Personal motto: "Everything happens for a reason! Positive energy! Smile!"