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Supadra was born in Lopburi, Thailand, a small town whose claim to fame is the free-range monkeys who live there and are feted annually by the townspeople at the "Monkey Banquet." She credits her family - her mother and grandmother who are "tough as nails yet kind as saints," her father, a "happy go lucky, brilliant lawyer" for building her character, and her older brother for showing her how to use charm to succeed in life! Her athletic inspiration is tennis champ Roger Federer.

In addition to pool, Supadra enjoys playing both tennis and golf, and visiting the Florida Keys and Kauai, her other favorite places in the world. Through her involvement in the Rack Starz, she would love to change the sometimes negative perceptions about pool and help the sport become more accepted and appreciated.


  • 2011 Mezz Women Tour Champion
  • Amsterdam Billiards Straight Pool, 8-ball & 9-ball League Champion
  • Tri state Invitational Tournament Scotch-doubles Champion
  • BCA Nationals Team Master 8 ball Champion
  • 2009 Player representative to WPBA from Northeast Tour
  • Ranked 38 in WPBA at the end of 2009.

Nickname: ôSupa Girl"

Newest Business Venture: Founder and Owner of Siam Natural Spa Product Line.

Dream dinner date: Paul Newman, the all-time handsome man who could shoot pool, or Daniel Craig - I want to get the best of James Bond just once!"