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Yomaylin, a native of the Dominican Republic, is a self-proclaimed science geek who majored in journalism and computer graphics in college. Always athletic, Yomaylin enjoys sports and played soccer as a girl.

Yomaylin learned to play pool by hanging out with the guys in college and credits her parents - who oppose her playing pool calling it a waste of time - for showing her how to fight for what she wants in life.

Yomaylin is a creative soul who goes out into the world each day wondering what new things the world will present. She doesn't know what makes her different, but doesn't want to be defined by what she does.

"I just am. I don't label, I don't define, I don't describe, I don't analyze. I live thinking that the choices I make are mine and that they are not right or wrong but just a way of living. What I do, "model"; "play pool"; "get along with everyone"; does not make who I am but just what I do. I want to understand my journey in this life and what I want does not affect the person I am. I am fairly motivated to kick some major ass in the pool world. Play like I am having fun and learning as long as I can, and all I can."


  • 2009 Tri-State Tour Champion
  • Tri-State Tour Female Runner Up for Player of the Year
  • Tri-State Tour Champion

Nickname: "Smiley"

Favorite place: 42nd Street and Times Square. You can find anything there except free parking!